Take Back Control Of Your Life – Know The Panic Disorder Symptoms And What You Should Do

Panic disorder is one of the most iniquitous types of anxiety disorders that have dismally affected the American population. With an estimated 6 million American adults being diagnosed with panic disorder, psychologists and other behavioral experts continue to delve into the causes, cures, and various anxiety natural remedies that will help free sufferers from the drawbacks caused by unforeseen panic disorder symptoms. In almost all cases of anxiety issues such as a panic disorder, experts would equally agree that the earlier you get help, the better.
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In looking into panic disorder symptoms, it is important to know that having a panic attack does not necessarily mean you have a panic disorder. Panic disorder happens when panic attacks become recurrent and when your apprehensions or fear reach beyond cogent, rational levels. To some extent, people who have been clinically diagnosed with high anxiety levels and frequent panic attacks get stuck in the confines of their homes in fear of having a panic attack in public places (agoraphobia).

Having a panic attack in communal or public areas is certainly no laughing matter. You get feelings that will leave you more frantic and panicky like chills, dizziness, upset stomach, twitching or trembling, shortness of breath, chest pains, and profuse sweating. What’s even more niggling are the baffled and chaotic thoughts that may possibly run through your head like the feeling of being in immediate danger, having a heart attack, or even the fear of nearly dying… helplessly.

Although panic disorder is perceived as a “state of mind”, the threats could be magnified when it happens to people who are technically suppose to be in control like pilots, firefighters, teachers or even to surgeons. Since panic attacks are random, unexpected, and indiscriminate, anybody can be a victim. This is for the simple reason that this disorder hasn’t been firmly linked to the dictates of ethnicity, age, or profession.

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In spite of all the bloodcurdling panic disorder symptoms, the good news is that most, if not all the symptoms, are curable. All the beleaguering indications may be addressed through various self help anxiety techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy and other relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation. Tea may also be taken in moderation because its theanine content has been proven to induce a calmer state of mind. A dose of chamomile also soothes the senses. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol may also do the trick in helping you become more focused once unanticipated events happen.

When it all comes down to it, what most anxiety sufferers want are anxiety natural remedies, where they won’t have to worry about adverse side effects caused by prescription drugs, or short term relief caused by novel or unproven herbal supplements. Regardless of the triggering factor, the bottom line is that you need to get help now. You just can’t watch your life take a 360-degree turn only because you chose to be imprisoned around your anxious walls. Whether the symptoms are in their early stages, or in more escalated levels, it’s never too late to get the help you deserve. With all the risks involved, you simply can’t afford to get caught off guard – not now, not ever.