Trouble Relaxing? Try These Anxiety Natural Remedies

Anxiety is the mental and emotional state of apprehension and fear that may be triggered both by specified or uncertain things, and is usually characterized by certain physical symptoms like shaking, difficulty in breathing, excessive perspiration, and muscle tension. Normal levels of anxiety can be prompted by random or future events like crossing a busy intersection or an upcoming job interview. However, feelings of anxiety that are recurrent, usually unfounded, and are gradually becoming invasive of your daily routine could be underlying symptoms of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders range from having irrational fears (phobias), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), to full blown panic attacks resulting to panic disorder. Panic disorder symptoms are in fact manifested in 3 million people across the country.
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Panic attacks are characterized by strong feelings of worry, vulnerability, nervousness, and generally accompanied by physical symptoms like nausea, hot or cold flashes, upset stomach, hyperventilation, numbness or tingling sensation in the hands, and chest pains. Panic attacks usually happen unpredictably and usually set off an urge to escape from a certain situation. Persistent panic attacks often lead to panic disorder. If panic disorder symptoms start to be evident, seeking immediate medical attention is the most judicious option, especially for individuals who have had the same cases in other family members.

For years, the conventional way of treating panic disorder and other anxiety disorders are mood altering drugs and other chemically-filled calming pills. Contemporary trends are however, leaning back to the basics of natural anxiety relief in the form of anxiety natural remedies. More and more experts are studying the feasibility of natural remedies to combat the invasive nature of these mental disorders. Aside from physical exercises like aerobic activities and yoga, studies have also shown that certain herbal components like theanine and Korean ginseng help improve mental health through their psychoactive properties. The B vitamins found in green, leafy vegetables also aid in the production of brain chemicals also known as neurotransmitters. In addition, foods rich in folic acid also facilitate better brain functions and are believed to relieve depression, an emotion commonly associated with panic, stress, and anxiety.

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Although natural anxiety relief options are further studied as viable cures for a series of anxiety disorders, there have been litigious discussions concerning the effect of certain herbal supplements in the body. Kava, for instance, has been the subject of an FDA advisory. This Polynesian herb, in spite of its anti-anxiety properties, has been reported to have serious inauspicious effects that even required four people to undergo a liver transplant. Cases like these should ring the bell in reminding ourselves that making informed decisions will go a long way in battling panic disorder symptoms and other signs of escalated anxiety disorders.

With self help anxiety measures, people suffering from anxiety disorders can take control and get hold of their life at their own pace, with their own slogs. These techniques will be very valuable especially for the people excluded from the anxiety statistics – the people who inaudibly suffer from anxiety disorders. What you have to know is that there is help and valuable information available to help you manage anxiety disorders like frequent panic attacks. You just have to know where to look and how to get the most credible self help anxiety information that will deliver genuine results in the safest, most expedient ways possible.